Facing Changes Once Again

Screened Patio View.

Writing about change is one of my favorite topics. Ha! My first book addressed change and how we deal with it. And, I’m sure I have had many Blog posts about change over the years. I just can’t seem to get enough of it lately.

My favorite quote that I wrote in 1994 and was included in my first book Facing Changes in Employment was: change is constant and all else revolves around it. It has stuck with me as one of life’s truths. Read More


The Christmas Letter

2014 Evergreens for Christmas Card.

Every year we find the mad rush to Christmas which begins the day after Thanksgiving and seems to subside by Christmas night.  Gifts, cards, trees, ornaments, cooking, baking, and visiting.  Days are shorter and our time is even less with so many more things added to get done in time for Christmas. I did, however, find time to paint the above picture of evergreens for some of my cards.

When Christmas Cards start arriving, the annual Christmas Letter is often enclosed detailing the year’s happenings within the family.  Often we receive letters from those we don’t see throughout the year.  Then you wonder if some of the information is really true…. read more

Thankfully, I’m Still Laughing!

I recently took a vacation… first one in 2 years. I use to travel extensively, now I’m lucky if I fly once a year. I wrote this blog on my iPad, sitting and waiting for a flight – well multiple flights. read more

In Loving Memory

Zack - Close up. 2014

“Zack” Augustine

April 15, 2005 – October 8, 2014

Zack was laid to rest on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 after being hospitalized earlier in the week and diagnosed with advanced stages of Congestive Heart Failure and elevated Kidney functions. The last 20 hours of his life he spent in an oxygen tank to assist with his breathing.  Zack was just 9 years old.  Zack will be fondly remembered as the feline duo of Ziggy and Zack in the book “Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats.” … read more.

Running on Empty

Running on Empty – How Journaling Kept Me Going

It’s been almost 4 months since my mother died, and I realized yesterday that in an 18 month span, I had a lot thrown onto my shoulders creating unimaginable stress.  It’s a wonder I don’t want to run away – but right now I’d be running on empty … read more

Thoughts on Jealousy

Dog Days and Cat Daze are upon us. Though, I always thought Dog Days were in August. It’s already a daze with my cats with long days indoors because of heat and humidity, bright sunlight shining in because we live on the west side of the building, as it’s too hot to enjoy that west-facing patio. So they sit just inside the sliding glass door and sulk, dreaming of the chew of leaves and the possibility of catching a bird high in the feeder. Storms come, winds blow, the sun is scorching. Meanwhile they sit waiting patiently for cooler weather.

Interestingly, through all this I noticed that cats experience jealousy much like we humans. Read More